The first set of evacuees from Kashechewan is expected to arrive this Thursday in Kapuskasing.

According to Fire Chief and General Manager of Protective Services Pat Kennedy, due to flooding in their James Bay coastal community, evacuees are expected to start arriving in town this week in flights beginning in two days time.

Yesterday Timmins MP Charlie Angus had earlier noted over social media that an expected 550 evacuees were to be heading to both Timmins and Kapuskasing, Kennedy confirmed this with late yesterday.

The Kashechewan First Nation declared a state of emergency due to the potential of flooding in the area, which has already begun.

The community of 1,900 people is on the southern bank of the Albany River and has been evacuated every spring for the last several years due to flooding.

This arrival of evacuees will come just a bit earlier than the town had originally projected (April 21st), but Kennedy says they are more than prepared for the influx as multiple hotels have been prepped to house the evacuees during their stay.