Written By: Bob McIntyre

A summit of small northern municipalities was called “teeny tiny”, but the turnout and enthusiasm were anything but.

Black River-Matheson Township hosted the first summit of its kind in the north on Monday.  CAO and economic development manager John Regan says it was a very positive experience, sharing ideas on how strength in numbers can kick the economy up a notch or two.

He’s enjoying the feedback, too.

“One of their comments was ‘Watch out, John,’ ”  he recounts, “which was a very positive thing that they’re so pumped and they’re so excited that they’re going to start taking some of these ideas and really implementing them.”

This was the first such provincially-supported teeny tiny summit in the north.  Regan says his township might host another one in the next three to five years.

“We would certainly encourage any other community who wants to do one of these teeny tiny summits, we’re there to help in whatever we can.”