Written By: Bob McIntyre

If your garage band is getting itchy to play a gig, here’s an opportunity for this summer.

Rock on the River in Timmins is accepting applications from bands right across our region.

It runs July 26th and 27th, and has openings for three or four bands a night on the side stage,  and one per night on the main stage.

Timmins Festivals and Events Committee chair John Olaveson says they don’t have to all be rock acts.  In fact, the Friday night will take on a country-rock flavour.

“Bluesy rock, also,” he notes. “ Any bands that have country influence, rock, pop, really, really open it up to any genre of music.”

Instead of being under a tent this year, the secondary stage will be set up beside the main stage.

“It’s really attractive,” Olaveson notes, “because you could be playing in between main acts at 7, 8, 9 o’clock when the crowds are getting larger.”

Your band can apply to be part of the festival through this link.