Written By: Bob McIntyre

There’s some consolation in comparing what we’re paying for gas, compared to what they’re paying in Toronto.

Dan McTeague is Canada’s most prominent and trusted gas price watchdog, as senior petroleum analyst with Gas Buddy Dot Com.

 “If you consider that Toronto gas prices were at one-29-point-nine while much of the day in Timmins we saw the same price,” he calculates, “knowing that the distance takes about two or three cents a litre for trucks to drive up there, you’re actually on the average-better side than motorists in Toronto.”

McTeague says the price of gas is generally up across North America, due to higher demand and some refineries being out of service.

Dan McTeague. Photo credit: Dan McTeague/Facebook


It’s particularly annoying that we’re now paying more than $1.30 per litre, considering that on the weekend in parts of our region, it dipped to $1.13.

McTeague says it was a bit of a gas war, with someone “trying to be cute”.

“Because the wholesale cost with transportation into the Timmins-Cochrane-Kapuskasing market – if you’re looking at racks or wholesale prices from Toronto, you’re definitely looking at about a buck-17, buck-18.”

McTeague says the gas stations would have to sell a lot of coffee and beef jerky to compensate for the loss at the pumps.