Kapuskasing is looking into a request from their Public Works to extend their current Highway 11 project.

According to Public Works Manager Eric Cote, he has made a request to council that they have reviewed and approved at this time. The request is to extend the project to include work on the intersection of Brunelle Road North and Government Road.

Cote says the initial project has undergone some changes and therefore the town is seeking to further the work they can complete.

“The scope of work has changed and we are left with quite a bit of money on the table from the original grant, so what we are asking for is basically to allow us to maintain the original grant, but to change the scope of work to extend the project up to the LaSalle intersection on the highway.”

He says the purpose of extending is to maximize the grant dollars given by the province for the original project.

“That is basically it, I am trying to maximize the amount of dollars projected for the original budget if you will. So I am trying to do as much as possible for the allowed amount that was basically promised to us through that grant from the ministry.”

He says they are now going to forward a request to the government in order to try and extend the contract, but Cote says the process of the request being accepted could take up to a month and a half to two month’s time.

He says if all goes well, the project should continue up until LaSalle Avenue, but if the request is denied, the project will have to come to an end at where they had previously designated. Cote says then it would become the next project to be applied for going forward.