Any worries about your travel plans through Timmins Airport being interrupted have evaporated.  Unionized outside workers have voted “yes” to a contract from their employer, the City of Timmins.

Union of Canadian Transportation Employees regional vice-president Martin Mika won’t say how many of the 19 members voted “yes”.

He is, however, declaring victory, saying it was a tough round that came near to the breaking point.

“The employer came out with a lot of concessions and it was hard for us to sort of deal with them,” he recounts. “But we’re proud to say that this current collective agreement has zero concessions.  We did see increases in salary.  We saw improvements in maternity allowances, shift premiums and life insurance.  Overall, I would say yeah, we’re content.

“The membership were pleased and the union was really pleased with the membership in the support that they showed the bargaining team.  It was a tough round but we’ve got this one behind us and we’re looking forward to the next round, which we’ll probably start gearing up for in about a year.”

City Hall is declining comment on the deal until council votes on it at its next regular meeting next Tuesday, April 9th.