Written By: Bob McIntyre

Spring arrived at 5:58pm, not a minute too soon, even for the hardiest of Northerners.

Before you start celebrating, here’s some advice from a professional meteorologist:“Don’t put your shovels away yet.”


27 cm snow in the average April

5 cm snow in the average May

-Source: Environment Canada

Environment Canada meteorologist Peter Kimbell says long-range forecasting for the full three months of the season is “challenging in the extreme.”  But based on averages, he notes that our region is not snowfall-free yet.

“Twenty-seven centimetres in the month of April and even five centimetres of snow in May,” he reports from climatological statistics.  “So too early to put shovels away yet, but time will come when we’re able to do so, be we’re not there yet.”

For the next several days, however, we’re on a roller coaster of mild temperatures, then back to below zero with a bit of snow possible, then repeating that cycle.

“Spring is basically a transition season.  We’re going from the winter to summer.  So we have a taste of summer and then we get back into winter again, and it happens all over again and then gradually we warm up to summer.”