A snowmobile project is headed into its second phase.

According to Chair of Business, Industry and Public Relations Guylaine Scherer the ‘Sports Motorises Hors Sentier’ project is moving forward and Kapuskasing is in support.

Scherer says the project, led by the Town of Hearst, is aimed at increasing francophone tourism and reaching the Quebec market by 2021.

The project will see Kapuskasing put $4,000 towards phase two, which involves hiring a coordinator to market and oversee the project’s development and networking with the tourism industry.

Scherer says the entire Highway 11 corridor has a great opportunity at hand to invite further tourism.

“Well I think we have amazing trails for snowmobiles, the fact that Hearst is thinking to proceed with phase two, I think its a really great opportunity for Northeastern Ontario and the communities along Highway 11.”

Scherer says working together with the fellow corridor communities is a no-brainer.

“We’re just stronger working in partnership with the communities surrounding Kapuskasing, so I think it should be very natural for Kapuskasing to be on board with this project.”

The project is being funded by FedNor with the following partners; Dubreuilville, Hearst, Kapuskasing, Smooth Rock Falls, and Cochrane.