The waiting and wondering are over. Now comes the grieving for the family of Jody and Nicole Blais.

A search led by the Canadian military has found the wreckage of their helicopter, 35 nautical miles (64 km) from where they were expected to land last Monday night in Fauquier.

Capt. Marty Zimmer of 8 Wing Trenton says the crash site was spotted at about 1:15pm Monday by a C-130 Hercules airplane.

“Following that, a Canadian Armed Forces Gryphon helicopter was dispatched to the site,” he told a Timmins news conference about two hours after that, “where two search and rescue technicians were dispatched to look at the incident and they determined at that time that both occupants had not survived the impact.”

Capt. Marty Zimmer, 424 Squadron 8 Wing Trenton. Photo credit: Bob McIntyre, Moose FM


Capt.  Zimmer  said that the couple’s family had been notified.

“I should also mention that we are working with the OPP to ensure that their needs are met, too.”

Zimmer said the area where the helicopter went down is heavily wooded, and searchers had flown over it six or seven times previously.  The helicopter is partly covered in snow.

The Transportation Safety Board is sending a team of investigators to the site.