Kapuskasing is behind a new project looking at connecting the rural north.

According to Chair of Business, Industry and Public Relations Guylaine Scherer, council has decided to approve a request from Moonbeam to support their high-speed internet project and bring such to rural Northern Ontario.

Scherer says the request involves the installation of 20 transmission towers that will be spread from Smooth Rock Falls through to Hearst.

Recently, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission established a universal objective that by the year 2021 all Canadian homes and small businesses should have access to high-speed internet.

Currently, Moonbeam lists that 3,000 households within the region do not meet the CRTC standards.

Scherer says not having the access would be a big limitation.

“We can’t be limited in our opportunities because we don’t have a quality transmission or internet in some part of our town or surrounding communities.”

Scherer says they couldn’t ignore an opportunity to benefit from.

“But I think we can’t just ignore the request for Kapuskasing to be supportive of this initivative, as we will be, because Kapuskasing will benefit from the project as well.”

The project will involve eight different communities along the Highway 11 corridor.