One medal, a lot of fun, and much more to come.

That’s according to Kapuskasing Bowling Coach Lorraine Peters, who says the most recent Youth Bowling Provincial Championships in Dryden, Ontario this past weekend encompassed all of that.

Peters says when she set out on the trip her goal was to bring back at least one medal with them, and that was not to be denied.

“There performance was up to par and then some, there was just a few pins difference from the bronze medal to the gold medal and yes we had a bronze medallist, Amelie Ethier and Sydney Carriere and their Coach Roxanne Lessard.”

She says she is so proud of the girls and boys who participated during the competition.

Peters says next year is already on their radar, and their goal remains the same.

“I would have liked to go to the nationals, but you know what…..we’ll be back, and next year its in Sudbury so its going to be closer and yea, we won’t give up that easily.”

Peters wanted to thank the community for their immense support this year, whether it be the dozen or so organizations that helped sponsor them, or the multitude of parents getting involved or the several coaches.

If you have any interest in getting your kids involved in bowling Peters says contact the bowling alley anytime.