With Files from: Bob McIntyre

An excessive snow load on the roof of a Cochrane building has our Mayor asking residents to perform their due diligence.

The Brisson Castle Building and Living Centre in Cochrane has seen a mass amount of snow between four to eight feet over the two sections of the roof and led to closure of the main store.

Store manager Keven Robin says they now have a contractor removing the snow, and an engineer will determine the next steps.

Kapuskasing Mayor Dave Plourde meanwhile says this is a perfect example for residents within his own community to take the time to remove excessive amounts of snow that have fallen on their own roofs.

Chief Building Official and Director of Planning Jon Beadow says there is most definitely a snow load factor that all buildings in town must meet.

Plourde says the move is, therefore, a precautionary one, considering their buildings are all built up to codes that are meant to handle excessive snowfall, but safe rather than sorry is always better.

If you’re looking for help in removing the snow off the rooftop of your home or business Plourde also suggests you hire a contractor to help you with the work.