The strike is NOT on.  A release from UCTE shortly after the city news release says the strike is “temporarily on hold”and talks will continue.  More to come shortly in a rewrite on this website.


Mediation has failed and the strike by 19 members of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees will go ahead at 6:00pm at the Timmins Victor M. Power Airport.

That word came in a late afternoon news release from the City of Timmins, which operates the airport.

It also says that the union-identified issues of the cost of work clothing and premium pay for working early morning hours were identified during mediation, yet the union asked for a 12.8% pay raise.  The city calls that “well in excess of any reasonable cost of living increase” and far beyond any settlements with other unions whose members are city employees.

City Hall says contingency  plans are in place and it does not anticipate significant disruptions to airport operations.  It cautions travellers to anticipate delays and factor that into their plans.