It may not have gone their way, but the future still looks mighty fine.

According to Mitch Jean and his son Jayden, not cracking the top 10 of CBC’s Spotlight competition was a tough way to watch their run end.

However, Mitch believes there was a lot that came from their experience, from sitting down and writing the song ‘Feel the Rain’ and going through the emotions of putting his feelings about his father and their relationship into words.

As well as sharing that with his son, who says he may not have known his grandfather very well, but through this, he felt just a little bit more connected with who he was.

Mitch says there were two reasons he took on a new solo style project after leaving Kickback Tracii, originally he wanted to write his own songs to better express himself. Through the want to create his own songs, he came across the idea of playing with his son Jayden.

He says part of working with his son, who had previously played with his own band out of Cochrane, was to help open Jayden’s eyes to new styles of music.

“If you experience a few different styles you can kind of create your own and have your unique stuff, so that’s kind of what I’m doing, so he’s a heavy metal guy right so I’m kind of pulling him back from that a little bit and showing him another style at the same time.”

Jayden meanwhile says the experience of playing alongside pops is something surreal.

“Probably one of the biggest and one of the most important music experiences that I’ve ever had, because just playing with alot of people like my Dad, Steph and Paul they got alot more experience than I do so playing with them just teaches me so much.”

What is to come moving forward says Mitch is a new addition first and foremost pushing the Mitch Jean Band from three to four. Smooth Rock Falls Singer/Songwriter Steffy Rivard will be lending her talents to the newly formed crew.

Rivard says after some solo work, she was looking for something new, which is when Mitch came along.

“I sort of was ready to move on and try something new, and eventually Mitch actually got a hold of me on Facebook saying ‘Hey we need other musicians, what do you think?’ and I’m like this is perfect, this is what I wanted, I love playing in bands. I went to the first practice and I was like this is it, this is where I want to be.”

Mitch says Rivard and Drummer Paul Joanis, who wasn’t present for the interview, are both major pieces to the puzzle.

“Steffy is a great example because she is a producer, she’s a songwriter and she has a beautiful voice and then you got Paul, he’s an amazing drummer, a metal drummer, but now he’s looking forward to kind of blending electronics and his real drums together.”

Overall, with such a unique crew of different styles and musical interests, the crew isn’t necessarily sure what the sound they will create will classify as, but they can guarantee one thing, it will be different, unique and as they claim, worth the listen.