Three sudden deaths in Timmins within 24 hours are being investigated to confirm whether opioids played a role.

Police say Wednesday morning, 46-year-old Brian Lajeunesse and 59-year-old Karen Chester were found in medical distress in a South Porcupine apartment… and were pronounced dead at hospital.

Then Thursday morning, 46-year-old Beverly Iserhoff was pronounced dead at the hospital, after being found in similar condition at a Kirby Street address.

Those three  deaths compare to the three-to-five reported every year in the entire area covered by the Porcupine Health Unit.  So it has issued a public health alert.

Infectious diseases and clinical services manager Lynn Leggett  says a public health alert serves as a reminder that street drugs can be cut with opioids, increasing the risk of overdose.

“So really, we want to reach out to the public to make sure that people are aware of this is in our community and that we’re concerned of suspected deaths,” says Leggett.