Kap Gives Back has begun taking in funds for the 2019 event.

Fundraising has officially begun as of a week ago as ticket sales have opened up.

Organizer of the annual fundraiser Claude Boucher says as they have in the past, they will continue to raise funds for three local charities, this year being once again Animal Rescue Kapuskasing, Kap Nordic Ski Club and the Kapuskasing Food Bank.

Boucher says their fundraising efforts will be identical to years past, but with a few changes to their strategy, including adding a few new businesses they canvassed.

He hopes there’s no change to the generosity the local community shows.

“The answer is we made $36,000, I mean that implies generosity all over the place, and it means the community is getting together to buy those tickets but alot of people are buying them because of what Kap Gives Back represents, so I think its pretty generous all around.”

Boucher says the biggest amount of fundraising as always comes from ticket sales.

“The majority of the funds, the big lump of the funds come from the sale of tickets and that means involvement of the whole community that is what we are looking for. So we are really wanting the community to come together and buy those tickets and be generous with it.”

He says consistently they have risen near $30,000 a year and this year hope they can achieve even higher than the $36,000 they were able to bring in through last year’s event.

Boucher says that amount helped them to divide $11,000 each between the three groups and even $3,000 to be split between a pair of extra organizations.

Tickets are currently being sold at different locations around town including Larabie’s Independent Grocer for ten specific days leading up to the event the weekend of April 5th, 6th and 7th.