For a second straight year, Kapuskasing is out of the red.

At council tonight it was announced that the 2019 Operating Budget is finalized and has been approved by councillors.

Chair of Finance Martin Credger says there will once again be no increases or decreases in taxation as they have managed a zero per cent Municipal Tax Levy Increase.

“Tax rate will stay the same so the people of Kapuskasing don’t have to bear more taxes than they need to.”

Credger noted that the costs for Fire and Police have slightly gone up in the 2019 budget, as well as building and by-law services as well as airport expenses.

Meanwhile, the budget will see a drop in cost for health as well as recreation and cultural service and Credger also says another drop in planning and development expenses as well as winter and road maintenance.

Credger says some important cuts from a few years ago has really laid the groundwork for where the town is now.

“A few years ago we had to do some really big cutbacks with the old council and that is what you see, the fruit of what we did at that time, and its nice to see a good budget and its because of the decisions that we took two years ago that we are where we are now.”

He also says they expect to now be able to look forward at infrastructure projects they can afford.

“I think we will see more infrastructure getting built in Kapuskasing and we will be able to afford them.”

All in all, the budget equals out to breaking even at $19,150,835 spent and collected.

This sees $735,973 being put into the town’s reserve fund while still they are breaking even.