Don’t worry it’s not under consideration, but conceivably, if we have enough snow days this winter, the school year could be extended to compensate.

Just the suggestion of extending the school year to make up for an excessive number of snow days is enough to make your skin crawl.

It’s an option for any school board but Lesleigh Dye, Director for District School Board Ontario North East, says she doesn’t know of any time it’s been used.

She says in the past five years, the highest number of bus cancellation days was eleven, in the board’s northern region.

“If we were to be significantly higher than that, we could have to look at our school year calendar.  I can’t recall any school board in the Northeast having – I know, there’s been some consideration about extending the school year, but I’m not aware of any that have extended the school year.”

Dye adds, however, that if come March, the number of transportation cancellation days is double what it is so far this year, the board would be exploring options.

I do think because we have a focus on technology in our district, we would try to probably emphasize that, in terms of e-learning and reaching out to students and families via technology, rather than adding additional days.”

Dye says with her board’s focus on technology, it’s more likely the board would use e-learning as a way of making up for lost classroom time.

In the past five years the highest number of snow days in DSB ONE territory was 11 in its region between Cochrane and Hearst.

With Files From: Bob McIntyre