After achieving an amazing feat quicker than they ever dreamed, Notre-Dame is thanking its community.

The Hearst hospital’s staff is so pleased with their local community helping them to achieve raising $1.7 million for their CT scan campaign all within the span of 420 days.

Staff chatted with about their feelings regarding the achievement.

“Just the way people were telling their story when they were coming to donate you could tell that the story was already (their reason), we don’t need to sell it to them, they knew what they were doing they wanted to contribute to this project, so it is not us really telling you it was the community telling you by itself.”

The speed in which the community was able to raise the funds, the belief they showed, that is what has astonished the staff.

“I think we didn’t expect to do it in 14 months, we are so proud of ourselves that we did, but really its the community that believed in the project and its not just a hospital project its a community project.”

The staff also says there are still steps to follow before the scan is in place, but they are excited.

“A few final conversations with the government and the company that will make the CT scan, and then we do have some construction that will be going on in the room where the CT scan will be installed, and then we have to install the scan itself.”

Staff also is already trained and prepared, as every employee working in the x-ray department has passed their training.

Then of course they say they will have to install the scan themselves.

Staff say they are excited for the implementation of this device and the time and lives that it will better and save.

Notre-Dame Hospital is also hoping that by the summer they will have the scan installed and completed.