A new online information service has been made available for Hearst businesses.

The Hearst Economic Development Corporation has announced its partnership with technology firm Localintel to launch the Hearst Business & investment Assistant, an online information service with advice in English and French for businesses, investors and entrepreneurs.

According to the Hearst EDC, their press release states that many businesses have expressed frustration when it comes to finding reliable market research and advice online.

Director of EDC Sylvie Fontaine says the assistant will be a valuable resource that provides important information to allow businesses to make better decisions.

“This Assistant provides businesses with access to valuable information and highlights the essential concepts required to ask the right questions, use data effectively and make better business decisions. This will be a valuable resource for our business community and will make Hearst more attractive to outside companies.”

Localintel Co-founder and CEO Dave Parsell also says they will be constantly updating data online, therefore making sure their users have all the latest info.

“Data is this century’s most valuable resource and the Business & Investment Assistant is a great example of how Hearst is harnessing it to strengthen the Town’s economy and help the business community prosper.”

A link to the site can be found here.