There will be a change of the guard so to speak at Remi Ski Hill.

The Moonbeam based hill is seeing a new Operations Manager take over for the former Norm Nadeau who is leaving after 10 years at the helm.

The new manager in his stead will be Luc Rancourt, someone Nadeau says he has worked alongside and who he trusts to continue to keep things running smoothly at the hill.

Rancourt says he is eager to please and to attract new faces to the hill.

“I’m happy to be here and I’m really happy to have the position as manager and I’m really looking forward to making everybody happy, sponsors happy, just honestly that’s my main goal is to keep going with my passion and hopefully there’s new people that come and hopefully that becomes their passion too.”

Nadeau meanwhile, despite graduating from l’Universite de Hearst, will still offer his time and services to Rancourt for the next few months.

He also says he is very appreciative for all volunteers and community members who gave their time and effort over his decade plus with the hill to help make things run.

Nadeau says in hopes of smoothing the transition over, and he could be there a little while longer with the recent snowfall.

“I will be staying around as I will be at the ski hill until the end of the season to assist in all different ways if Luc needs me and in other elements of the ski hill. Also the more snow we have now the longer we will be able to stay open, whether its warm or not in March, and who knows we might make it to April Fool’s or past depending on how it goes.”

Rancourt says those wondering about ski hill times and buses you can go to their website, or follow them on social media.