Police are reminding riders along the Highway 11 corridor to follow the rules.

The OPP James Bay Detachments would like to remind snowmobilers and any motorized snow vehicle drivers to follow the provincial and municipal laws.

Constable Stephanie Belec says a rider must be a minimum of 16 years of age and hold a valid driver’s licence or snowmobile license in order to drive across or along a highway.

Belec says under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario or HTA, a highway includes streets, avenues, parkways, driveways, squares or circles, bridges and any parts of the road intended for the use of vehicles.

She says police are also reminding riders that it is illegal to remove, modify or rid of any component or device on your snowmobile if you do so you can be charged.

Belec says municipalities such as Kapuskasing and Hearst can also prohibit the use of snowmobiles within town limits as they wish.

Police are emphasizing to follow the rules for the betterment of everyone’s safety.