A state of emergency has been lifted for the town of Hearst.

Following the fixing of a water main issue, the town has now officially lifted the community from its emergency scenario.

Councilor and Deputy Mayor Conrad Morin says the decision was just made this morning.

“In fact we just walked out of a debriefing for the emergency committee and as we speak we have lifted the emergency situation.”

Morin says due to the emergency schools and municipal services were all closed for the day.

Morin says originally they could not locate the leak, forcing them to begin isolating sections of the community one by one, before they finally pinpointed the issue to a fire hydrant at the intersection of 8th Street and Edward Street.

The issue was along the mainline connecting to the water tower.

He says the leak caused considerable damage to both Edward Street and the sidewalk on the south side of the intersection.

Morin says after locating the issue, the work got done pretty smoothly.

“Early yesterday afternoon we pinpointed it down to a fire hydrant and shortly after around 4:30pm/5:00pm we started digging and work was completed around 9:30pm last night.”

He says most members of the community were without water until 1:00pm yesterday, but they were pleased to restore it for all customers by the late evening.

Morin says a boil advisory is still in effect for the community and residents should keep up to date online for further details regarding the advisory.