Two months from now the best ‘A’ teams from across Ontario at the Atom level will be coming to Kapuskasing.

The Ontario Hockey Federation Championships will make their second visit in three years this coming April, and this time around the Atom ‘A’ Icehawks will be the team hosting the tourney.

Co-Coach of the Atom Icehawks Sebastien Lessard spoke with today regarding how the tournament can aide the community as well as a special side venture from it.

Lessard says for hockey fans, the five best teams from across the province will be in town for a weekend this spring, which will make for some great entertainment.

He says there is a great opportunity here for the town to showcase the value of the area as well, whether it be the people, the businesses or the support the community has for its local youth sports.

He also feels any visiting team and their families will be impressed with what Kap offers.

“I think it is a great opportunity for our town to showcase what makes us special and the values that we have as a community because when other teams come to a championship like this one I think they’ll be blown away by the type of event we’ll put together here.”

Lessard says as noticed during the most recent OHF visit two years ago when the Pewee Icehawks hosted the tournament, fans are not only filling the seats to watch Kapuskasing but also on scene to simply support the hockey as a whole.

Beyond the tournament setup came an idea to also go further with their promotion of the local community, as Lessard says he and Julien Boucher, Owner of JVB Productions, discussed the idea of a documentary style video leading up to the tournament.

Lessard says the idea is to copy the style of the NHL’s ‘Road to the Winter Classic’ documentary series and create their own ‘Road to the OHF Championship”.

Lessard says the idea was to document much more than just hockey.

“We talked about how it be special to document our road, our journey to getting there but also all the work that needs to get done in organizing an event and then highlighting the community partners and the businesses that are needed as well.”

He says the series will be a four-part documentary.

The first episode he says will be to frame the entire event as well as give an idea to the community the work needed to budget and gain sponsorship to properly host it.

The second episode will take more of a focus on the hockey aspect, regarding pre-tournaments leading to the OHF Championships.

A third episode will feature the organizing committee and all that has and will be taking place behind the scenes, from the prepping the opening banquet to the community events during the championship weekend in April.

Finally Lessard says episode four will be a pure look at the actual tournament itself, feedback from local and out-of-town residents, and a wrap on what has taken place.

Overall, Lessard says this is an exciting project and an exciting time for the town.

The tournament is set to take place in Kapuskasing on the weekend of April 12th through 14th.

Here is Episode 1