With extreme cold passing through the area the PHU is passing along some winter safety tips.

Porcupine Health Unit Public Health Nurse Janelle Edwards says they have some wonderful winter safety tips to keep you warm, and frostbite free this season.

Edwards says one of their main tips is to dress properly for the weather at hand, this means during extreme cold you need to cover all exposed skin areas, as well as dress in multiple layers and avoid tight-fitting boots.

She says a major factor in keeping you from getting frostbite would be to give yourself more breaks from the cold.

“A combination of things as extreme cold can also lead to frostbite as well. So getting out of the wind is important and coming in from the cold often is also important to warm up because and then you can always go back out and resume your winter fun activities.”

Edwards says another major tip to remember regarding winter safety would be that children and seniors do not handle the cold as well.

“Be aware that children and seniors are more susceptible to frostbite and they should take extra precatuions while they’re out there.”

Edwards says if you feel you’re at risk or have gotten frostbite to try to warm up slowly with body heat such as a warm hand. She stresses that you should not put immediate heat on the area other than body heat.