A new challenge is being laid out for the local community to help you get moving during the cold winter months.

The Sea to Sea challenge, which begins in less than two weeks, will see Kapuskasing area schools and work places being challenged to increase their physical activity as a means of encouraging a healthier community.

PHU Public Health Nurse Janelle Edwards says the project is being led by Centre de Sante, Healthy Community Kapuskasing, Hearst-Kapuskasing-Smooth Rock Falls counselling services and the Porcupine Health Unit.

Edwards says whatever people are currently putting in as their daily or weekly routine, the health unit is challenging them to do further physical activity.

The idea behind the challenge began with Healthy Kids Kapuskasing she says and was a theoretical walk across Canada in hopes to have local teachers and students getting active and learning about geography.

Edwards says from there it blossomed into the idea of getting kids and their families involved as well as adults throughout the area.

“The coalition decided then, well what if we get the kids to work with their parents and their families and then the adults working within their work environment, so everybody encouraging everybody to be active during then winter months.”

She says overall they are attempting to cover 5,140 kilometres as an entire community, which in turn tracks a unique route.

“The total of kilometres itself represents the measurement of Canada from coast to coast from one ocean to the other, so starting from the most eastern point in Newfoundland going to the most western point in B.C. (British Columbia)”

Edwards also says if you have not heard of the challenge in your school or your work place, she says feel free to reach out to any of the involved organizations to ask how to get involved.

The challenge will begin on Sunday, February 3rd.