The Kap Gives Back fundraising efforts are officially underway.

Organizer of the annual fundraiser Claude Boucher along with his wife Colleen, say this year they will be collecting for local organizations as they have in the past, with hopes of exceeding last years $36,000 raised.

Boucher says they were proud to have three major donations and two smaller donations they were able to make to five separate community initiatives last year.

He says the fundraising efforts have improved each and every year and they have hopes for the same this year.

“Last year we did sprinkle to two other groups in the community and we plan on doing the same and it depends what we sprinkle and how we spread it will depend on our final results, but last year we made $36,000 and our hopes is to better that because every year we have done a little bit better.”

He admits that at the end of last year there was a thought to say that is it, but he and wife Colleen are back at it again.

“Well precisely for the effort that we put in it, our heart is in it too, we do it because we enjoy it and feel that the event, the whole process, is important to the community and its something that we feel strongly about.”

He says tickets for will begin being sold on February 19th and Boucher says anyone interested in becoming a sponsor should reach out now, or expect to hear from them soon.

Boucher also says he and Colleen every time are more than happy to mention the generosity of the people in the local community, and are forever grateful for everyone who has ever given to their event over the years.