Snow removal will be smoother and safer if you cooperate.

That is the message coming from the Town of Hearst and Director of Public Works and Engineering Services Luc Leonard, who says community members are being asked to be more aware of the best practices with snow removal.

Leonard says safety involves not tailgating any of the snow removal machines, that way there is room and space for you to maneuver as well as for them to take notice of you.

He says you shouldn’t be moving snow from your property to a municipal property or roadway, and snow moved by the grader onto your driveway should be kept on either side.

Leonard mentions that you should avoid pushing snow from your driveway across the street and keep piles from blocking sidewalks as well as the view at the corner of intersections.

It’s also mentioned by Leonard that By-Law 24-02 states moving snow from your property to the shoulder of the road must be moved by latest the following day or you will face a $90 fine.

He says if we cooperate it will make for a safer and smoother snow removal season.