A free lunch brought the community together and it should lead to more down the road.

According to Creative Director at JT and Co. and Organizer of Christmas In Good Company Julie Tremblay, the free Christmas meal was a splendid success and should lead to more.

Tremblay says the idea, which stemmed from their company’s annual fall fundraiser which gives proceeds to a worthy cause, saw them team with a pair of local organizations this year to feed the hungry as well give people a place to celebrate the day together.

She says the event, put on by the Centre de Sante, l’Universite de Hearst and JT and Co. ended up being better than expected.

“It was more than we had hoped, it was actually kind of magical to be honest. It went off without a hitch, it was very heartwarming and I think people felt welcomed, everyone felt that it went off perfectly.”

Tremblay says people should also look forward to having this same opportunity again next year.

“This is just the first of many, I think people in Kap were really receptive to this, more than expected, be it the volunteers or people that were attending, and I think its just going to grow and its just going to be getting better and better obviously.”

The event was never meant to be seen as a handout says Tremblay, she says instead they wanted the community to see the day as an opportunity come out and celebrate together as a whole.

Tremblay also says it would not have been possible to throw this event without their volunteers and the gracious staff of the Centre de Sante who allowed access to their location for the event.