Here’s some advice from the emergency department at Timmins and District Hospital that no doubt applies to any hospital with an ER:  Expect longer wait times over the holidays.  And that no doubt goes for any hospital.

TADH Emergency department manager Kim Bazinet says no one will ever be turned away, so if you think you need immediate medical attention, by all means go to the hospital.

“People can expect that we’ll see an increase in the wait times for the non-urgent patients, so your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated with this challenge that we face.”

“Sometimes if you just think you have a cold,” Bazinet adds, “some rest and fluids and seeing if it gets better in a couple days before you come to visit is a good idea, because whenever you go out, you increase the risk of spreading it to other people.”

Bazinet says the increase in demand on the ER this time of year is due to the onset of flu season. an increase in social gatherings, and doctors’ offices being closed for the holidays.