A small Francophone University says it is not worried regarding recent news of the province reviewing its sustainability.

L’Universite de Hearst Communications Manager Nancy Jacques says the school was not aware until this past week of the August 31st meeting held by the Ford government.

Jacques says they were made aware that the meeting; one all Francophone and Anglophone postsecondary institutions as well as other provincially funded services are subject to, was a simple form of due diligence from the new provincial government at the time.

She says the ford government wanted to be very detailed in their financial review of all provincial services.

“Its clear from Mr. Ford that the public finances in the province would be looked at meticulously, line by line almost and we are one of those lines and it is the same for other services.”

Jacques says there is no worry regarding the prior meeting and what is to come.

“We’re not worried about the meeting that was held on August 31st, it was a regular process, a routine process, in fact we did receive a confirmation from Caroline Mulroney’s Cabinet, that the file was closed.”

She says this was confirmed to them when the Attorney General of Ontario and Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs Caroline Mulroney reached out to alert them that the file was closed with no further questions to be raised.

Jacques also says that in response to questions regarding higher student costs, she says they have actually continued to lower student costs annually considering the rise in enrollment in recent years.

At this point there is no threat of a closure to l’Universite de Hearst.