The sustainability of l’Universite de Hearst has come into question.

According to Premier Doug Ford, the overall durability of the university has already been discussed.

This past week the l’University de Hearst found out that the Ford government was reviewing the French university this summer in a meeting dated August 31st.

At the meeting, it was mentioned that the school has a high cost per student in a part of the province they feel faces challenges.

The focus of the meeting was the university’s sustainability and current operating costs.

Notes from the meeting suggest that the school has a much higher student cost than other provincial institutions, and also relies heavily on provincial funding to remain sustainable.

L’Universite de Hearst Rector Luc Bussières has yet to be reached for comment at this time.

His only statement regarding the current review is that all Francophone and Anglophone postsecondary institutions are subject to this exercise, as well as other provincially funded services.

The provincial government at this time has only specified that the Prime Minister’s Office will meet again to confirm their next steps.