The Jubilee Singers of Kapuskasing will be putting together their annual Christmas concert for the local area.

Volunteer and Member Valerie Isaac says this year’s performance will again feature some special guest appearances on the evening.

Isaac says that includes once again playing some African Christmas hymns.

“The songs are all Christmas related and we always have something special, we’ve had for the past few years we’ve had an African Hymn, an African Christmas hymn and this year is no different.”

She says the feedback of listeners seems to show the surprises they plan are well received.

“We always hear back from the people that come out to our concerts and they always come and say how much they enjoyed it and the surprises that they had because they are not usually the songs that they expect to hear. So its dynamic for us and dynamic for those who come to listen to us.”

Isaac says tickets are available to be purchased from choir members in the lead up to the event, or at the Mall.

The Jubilee Singers Christmas Concert for 2018 takes place Wednesday, December 12th at the Kapuskasing Education Centre.