On Christmas this year, if you are in need of a hot meal, you will have a place to go for lunch.

Christmas In Good Company is a lunch being put on by the Centre de Sante, l’Universite de Hearst and JT and Co.

Creative Director at JT and Co. and Organizer of the project Julie Tremblay says her company’s annual fall fundraiser always gives proceeds to a worthy cause, this year they teamed with a pair of local organizations to give back even more.

Tremblay says they are pooling their funds with the Centre de Sante and l’Universite de Hearst in order to host a free lunch on Christmas day for all who are in need this holiday season.

She says for her, Christmas is a holiday that should equal warm, fuzzy feelings.

“To me its a very traditional holiday for my family and I think that its important to be well surrounded and to have good food and family and laughter and love and music and so that’s where it started.”

Tremblay says after finding out Christmas Day was free for use, it became a no brainer for her.

“When I was speaking with Danielle Groulx, she said there wasn’t anything happening on the 25th and I said why wouldn’t we do it then. I mean its great values to teach our kids, they are going to have a ton of things at Christmas they are going to have too much food, too many gifts and its just a great feeling to be able to do that for others and not just for ourselves.”

Tremblay says that there is a limit as Fire Chief Pat Kennedy has alerted them that 125 people at a time will be the capacity for the building.

The lunch will take place at the Centre de Sante from 11:00am to 1:00pm on Tuesday, December 25th.

Photo of Christmas In Good Company Poster