The youth of Hearst are hopefully going to lead the way in showing the adults how to live in harmony.

According to Hearst Youth Group Coordinator Mallory Solomon, they will be hosting a gathering Wednesday at Hearst High School.

Solomon says they wanted to gather students of all backgrounds in order to chat with them about how they feel about Hearst, and how they can make changes to improve the diversity of the town.

She says the purpose, reuniting the French, English and First Nation youth in their town.

“Our purpose is to reunite the French and the English youth and the First Nation youth. To get together and get to know each other through events.”

Solomon says the vision is to have students never feel intimidated in their own community.

“My vision is to have none of the students feel intimidated to go into the different schools, because we are separated, so they wouldn’t have to feel intimidated to go into the High Schools and feel like they belong in the community.”

She also says she hopes youth between the ages of 14 to 24 will come out Wednesday to enjoy some fun games, chats, and help make Hearst a better place to live.

The evening begins at 5:00pm and runs until 7:00pm and snacks and refreshments will be made available.

Photo of Hearst Youth Gathering Event