Whether you’re drinking or toking this Christmas-New Year’s season, police agencies across the region are aiming to keep you off the roads and snowmobile trails.

Supported by the Timmins chapter of MADD and the Porcupine Health Unit, OPP and Timmins Police have launched the annual Festive RIDE campaign, squarely aimed at drivers under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.

OPP Staff Sergeant Dan Foy says not only will officers at roadside RIDE checks be watching for signs of drinking.  They have expanded that to looking for signs that you have been smoking marijuana.

“Our officers are equipped and trained to look for those indicators and we’re going to be doing that during the Festive RIDE campaign, which runs until January 2nd.”

Staff Sergeant Foy says the sharp eyes of his officers are also trained to look for signs in your car on your snowmobile, of other criminal activity.

“We can come across stolen property.  We can come across a number of other things related to criminal acts and we take action when we can and pursue the criminals if they’re caught in the act.”

(Written By: Bob McIntyre)