A recent decision from the provincial government has brought an end to a francophone vision.

The Ontario PC government and Finance Minister Vic Fedeli announced this past week that the conservatives have decided to get rid of their plans to implement a new French-language university in Ontario.

Fedeli also made another announcement that French Language Services Commissioner Francois Boileau and his office will see their positions rid of after changes to the French Language Services Act, meaning the Office of the Ombudsman will take over those duties.

Mushkegowuk-James Bay MPP and NDP Francophone Affairs/Training, Trades and Apprenticeships Guy Bourgouin says it is disappointing to see them go back on their word.

“We are not very happy, were a bit dissapointed, because that was a promise made by the Conservatives that they would keep the new Ontario Francophone University, it was scheduled to open in 2020 and now they are rescinding their promises.”

Bourgouin says to also lose the position of French Language Commissioner means a major step back for Francophones.

“They didn’t stop at that, they also rid of the French Commissioner, and the French Commissioner if people don’t realise is a watchdog for Francophone issues. His title was created becasue we used to go through the Ombudsman and they are so occupied that Fancophone issues were put on the back burners.”

He says at this time there are many different Francophone organizations coming together to meet and discuss their next plan of action in response to these most recent decisions from the Ontario Conservative government.

Bourgouin, understanding how the Francophone communities both within his riding and across the country feel, says his door is always open for a chat at his office located within the Circle in Kapuskasing.