Operation Red Nose is officially getting underway in the Hearst community.

The 2018 national campaign is preparing to kick off and will see the Club Rotary de Hearst, OPP and the town of Hearst joining together in partnership for their 21st year.

Together, the goal is to make sure the community arrives safe and sound this winter.

Operation Red Nose provides a chauffeur service for any partygoers who need a ride home for themselves and their vehicle.

Last year the Club Rotary de Hearst set a goal for the first time ever, looking to raise $20,000 and ended up surpassing it at $20,500.

The service will be performed from November 30th through December 31st in and around the town.

To donate to Operation Red Nose you can do so in person at the Club Rotary de Hearst.

Photo of Operation Red Nose Details for Hearst 2018