Martial artists from clubs throughout Northern Ontario and Quebec will compete in Hearst this Saturday.

Karate Hearst will be holding its annual Regional Traditional Karate Tournament at the Universite de Hearst this coming Saturday.

Chief Instructor Andre Rheaume says the event will showcase three different divisions of Karate and two different styles.

“They will see three different types of competition, Kata, then there will be Team Kata and last but not the least is Kumite, which is the fighting.”

Rheaume says the competition should be a blast considering there will be competitors coming from throughout Northern Ontario and Quebec.

“Well it makes it more fun, it means that some competitors will compete against other competitors that they don’t see in Northern tournaments all the time. New faces, new challenges and it is going to be much more fun.”

He says all three Karate clubs within Hearst will be represented and he hopes both clubs in Kapuskasing as well.

The competition is scheduled to start at 9:30am Saturday.