The puck drops on April 5th as teams take to the ice to crown the best in town.

The Kap Year End Classic or Kap Gives Back 2019 has announced the opening of its registration for all teams across all divisions.

Tournament Organizers have stated that the cost per team is $500.

They have also stated some rules:

  1. Must Be 19 Years Of Age To Play (We Will Not Be Shy To Eliminate Players From The Tournament)
  2. Men’s Division Format Changes (Previously Men’s Open, Now Men’s A-B-C Division). The Committee Reserves The Right To Deny Any Team That Wants To Play In A Lower Division.
  3. The Old-Timers Division
  • Men’s 35+ (No Exceptions For Under Agers)
  • Men’s 50+
  1. Ladies Divisions:
  • Ladies A
  • Ladies B

You can register your team by calling Organizer Darren Potvin at 705-347-1993 or going to Kap Gives Back FB Page.