This year’s wildfire season is now officially over.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says this was one of the busiest fire seasons in the province’s history.  Fire Information Officer Shayne McCool says this summer there 1,325 forest fires just in the central and northern regions of the province. “So that translates to 486 here in the northeast. Now that is quite a large number if you compare to our fire season last year at 776 fires provincially, so we did see quite an increase this year.”

McCool says this is “mainly attributed to the lighting fires that we saw and the dry conditions throughout the months of July and part way through August as well.”

The MNRF says it is thankful for all the help that came in from other provinces, USA and Mexico during the summer.

McCool adds that firefighters would like to see no forest fires start up for a while. He says even though fire season is over, you still have to remember that campfires are still a hazard and need to be put out properly before leaving.

He says there will be a more comprehensive report on the fire season and overview of the summer coming out very soon.

(Written By: Mackenzie Read)