As you dive into your treats from Halloween, you need to remember a few health tips.

The Ontario Dental Association says there are some candies you should stay away from for your oral health.

Past President Doctor LouAnn Visconti says hard candies, lollipops and caramels are bad for your teeth because they coat them in sugar.

Visconti says there is one snack that can help with that, cheese.

“Because cheese tends to neutralize the acids that can cause cavities and it helps stimulate your salivary flow and that helps wash away the sugars, preventing cavities from occurring.”

The association some things that are better treats for you include:

  • Chocolate – Plain chocolate is sugary but it dissolves quickly so it’s less damaging to teeth
  • Nuts – Healthy and tasty, nuts contain vitamins and minerals that help teeth stay strong
  • Water – A swish of water after eating sweets is a great way to cleanse your mouth and wash away sugar

Visconti says you also need to make sure you brush your teeth after eating treats.

“I think that a lot of people don’t realize this, but eating actually softens the tooth enamel. It’s always best to wait 30 minutes before brushing and flossing to prevent any damage to your teeth.”

She says if you follow these tips, you can avoid cavities.

(With Files from Mackenzie Read)