Hearst Wi-Fibe Corporation is in need of name change.

The Hearst Wi-Fibe Corporation received a letter from the Bell Corporation during the month of October stating that the name ‘FIBE’ is a Bell registered trademark, and its use is therefore inappropriate.

In Bell’s response, they stated reasons for the use of the word ‘FIBE’ being unauthorized and asked that the Hearst corporation must cease using the Bell registered trademark.

Bell has therefore requested that the Hearst internet company consent to a four-month phase-out period in order to choose a new title.

Due to this, the town’s most recent council meeting included suggestions for a new name, with the recommendation being to call the company Hearst Connect Corp.

The Hearst Wi-Fibe Corporation has now been asked to respond to this request from Bell by November 1st with an answer as to whether or not they will be complying with the official name change.