An idea that began months back has come through in support of the CT scan project.

Owner of the Royal Theatre Garrick Sissons says Verna Bergeron was the one who started the idea, and wanted to hold an evening for some local community members to come together and enjoy a film while helping a good cause.

An estimated just over hundred people attended the film Monday evening raising $800 that was then donated to Sensenbrenner Hospital’s CT Scan project.

Bergeron says through emails and posters they alerted different community members around the town, as well as announcing the event at St. Patrick’s Church along with other parishes in the community.

She says a big thank you goes out to Sissons for helping to allow this to come together and for the night to play out so well.

Bergeron says the turnout was terrific, including people visiting from the surrounding area, and the movie was great.

She says they would also be more than interested in another movie event for fundraising.