One Northern MP says Cannabis legalization still raises a lot of issues regarding past criminal offences.

Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP Carol Hughes says that considering cannabis is now legalized in Canada; New Democrats have been trying to remove criminal records of individuals charged for simple possession.

She says it seems ridiculous that people can carry a criminal record on a past offence for something that is now legalized.

Hughes says at this time despite their best efforts the federal liberal government has offered no sign that they will be taking this step.

She says currently, Canadians carrying a possession charge will be granted pardons, but despite the pardon they will still carry the charge on their record.

Hughes says people with these types of records can be refused from something as simple as being able to coach their kid’s soccer team because they were caught with a joint decades ago.

She also says travel and employment opportunities both take hits when you are carrying a criminal record.

Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale says the government intends to table legislation to expedite the pardon process for those with a criminal record for pot.