Well, you found my bio page! You must be bored or something. Hopefully this entertains the next minute of your life! I’m Cole Popalo, hailing from Hamilton Ontario. I got my start picking through hundreds of bands (almost a dozen were pretty good!) at Mohawk College’s radio station The Hawk.

Then spent some time in Northern B.C. and Midwestern Manitoba. Now I’ve found myself here in your beautiful town of Kapuskasing. We’ll have some laughs and talk about what’s happening around town and in your lives.

I love to play music, the piano is my main jam, but you might find me on a guitar, drum kit, or even behind the mic once in a while ruining your favourite songs at karaoke. A big movie buff, my favourite directors are David Fincher, and Stanley Kubrick. I also like to read, play the latest games, or hike in the nearby provincial parks in my spare time. Are you still here? Wow. Well I don’t have much left to say for now. Why don’t you tune in tomorrow morning? You can find out more then.

Listen Weekdays from 6am to 10am.