A new Mayor has now been announced in Kapuskasing.

Kapuskasing Treasurer Melanie Fortier has alerted MyKapuskasingNow that the unofficial results of tonight’s municipal election have been received and the town of Kapuskasing has unofficially chosen former Councillor Dave Plourde to be their new unofficial Mayor.

Fortier says Plourde led the way with 1,335 votes, Gilbert Peters placed second with 1,070, Vic Fournel third with 510 and Ron St. Aubin fourth with 107 votes, all of which are unofficial votes.

She also says in the councillor race, five new faces will take on roles as Martin Credger returns with 1,092 votes, and Julien Boucher 1,157 with Sebastien Lessard 1,296 Ken Munnoch 1,624 as well as Bruce Newton 1,067 and Guylaine Scherer 1,210 will make up the unofficial council.

In total there were 6,573 eligible voters, and there were 3,064 recorded voters and therefore a voter turnout of 46.5 per cent.



The unofficial council for Kapuskasing stands as:


  • Dave Plourde


  • Julien Boucher
  • Martin Credger
  • Sebastien Lessard
  • Ken Munnoch
  • Bruce Newton
  • Guylaine Scherer