The OPP are prepared for the changes brought on by today’s cannabis legalization.

Provincial Constable Stephanie Belec says as of today it has become legal for anyone 19 and up to buy, consume, possess and grow recreational marijuana.

Belec says police have prepared for the changes and how cannabis will be handled, such as;

  • Marijuana will be sold online by the Ontario Cannabis Store alone, until a private retail model has been created.
  • Anyone 19 and up is legally allowed to buy, grow or possess up to 30 grams of marijuana purchased from an Ontario Cannabis Store, in public.
  • However, you are not allowed to consume cannabis in a public place, a workplace within the meaning of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, in a vehicle or boat or in any prescribed places.
  • A single person 19 years of age or older can grow up to a maximum of four plants on his or her property, but that does not mean per person on the property. There is no limit to the amount of cannabis a person can possess now within their home.
  • When travelling with marijuana in a vehicle or boat, unless otherwise exempt, the cannabis must be packaged in a way that it is completely closed up, so it is not readily available to be smoked.
  • Legislative changes put forth in late September to the Cannabis Act will to allow anyone 19 and up to smoke marijuana wherever the smoking of tobacco is permitted, except vehicles and boats.
  • Individuals can still face criminal charges for acting outside the law regarding marijuana, such as possession over the legal limit, or possession for the purpose of selling or distributing to a minor. Penalties range from a fine to 14 years in prison.

Belec says the OPP remain committed to making sure that Ontario roads are safe from drug or alcohol-impaired drivers.