Recreational cannabis legalization day is here.

Here is what we know so far about how you can now legally use the drug:

  • Anyone 19 and up to buy, consume, possess and grow recreational marijuana, as long as it is purchased from an Ontario Cannabis Store.
  • You will be able to smoke cannabis on the sidewalk, some parks and public places like you can a cigarette.
  • Police agencies say there is zero tolerance for driving while under the influence.
  • TPS officers are allowed to use recreational cannabis as long as it’s not within 24 hours of duty.
  • The City of Timmins is waiting until after the municipal election before deciding on allowing cannabis stores in the city.
  • Smoking is legal as of today, but edibles aren’t being legalized until next year.

As there are no Ontario Cannabis Stores set up in the region, you can purchase cannabis online.

You can check out more stories on about different agencies thoughts on the legalization and how they are handling the situation.

(Written By: Mackenzie Read)