As the municipal election nears, the chamber of commerce in Kapuskasing has laid out their focus.

Kapuskasing and District Chamber of Commerce President Alain Murray says after chatting with the business community, he feels candidates for the 2018 Municipal Elections need to have a focus on local business growth.

Murray says a big focus of candidates so far has been to how to try and keep people living within the community, something he says can be done through further job creation.

In order to do so, he says they need a council that is engaged and open to discussions with local businesses.

“We need a council that will be engaged and that will be open to any discussions or potential improvements that can be made to help our business community. I think we need a council that will be open to new projects and helping the business community move forward.”

Murray says the million dollar question is how to continue keeping the community inviting.

“I think that the population is big enough that we can sustain quite a few industries and I think the proof is that there is quite a few thriving businesses and new ones coming in ever year. Alot of young entrepreneurs and I think that is where we need to focus is these young people and even the existing businesses.”

He says there are currently some terrific programs in place, such as College Boreal’s Option Emploi, so there are aids for people to find jobs, but creating more opportunities would be a boost.

Murray says through further job creation, he believes they can keep the community inviting to people who want to start and grow their families.